Let the games begin! 

Welcome everybody to the official Customer Service Olympics! We have two candidates going head-to-head in 5 different events. Let us get to know both the candidates.  

Candidate 1 is the well-known ‘Call Centre’ (‘CC’). Born in the 1950s, the call centre draws its strength from the millions of humans operating it from the back end. It has always proven to be an extremely useful tool in the world of customer service but is now having to work harder to prove its worth and not lose out to its younger competitors. 

Candidate 2 is ‘Chatbot’ the new guy on the block. Born in the 21st century, he is young and has a lot to learn yet has been able to amass a huge following in a short period of time. His strength is drawn from the intricate lines of code and data he has been trained on.  

May the best man win!  

Event 1: Speed sprint:  

CC takes off at a moderate pace, navigating through the labyrinth of elaborate phonebooks, information pamphlets and numerous departments to solve the customer’s query. The customer is put on hold. Soft jazz music plays in the background testing the customer’s patience.  

Chatbot on the other hand sprints ahead with lightning-fast speed. Analyzing the customer’s query and providing an instant solution. GenAI Chatbot clearly takes an early lead.  

Event 2: Language hurdles: 

CC is now face to face with one of the toughest hurdles in the world of customer service. A customer that does not speak the same language. Misunderstanding and miscommunications are on the rise. Looks like CC’s pace has slowed down further.  

Chatbot on the other hand seems to have coped with this quite well. Although it took a couple of minutes to analyze which language the customer was speaking, he was able to comprehend and cross this linguistic hurdle with flying colours.  

Event 3: Emotions Relay race: 

CC is frantically scouring for the most appropriate answer to cool down its angry customer. Rummaging through hundreds of pages of set script for the right answer. Not only is the customer frustrated but CC is frustrated too. Long day at the office! 

Chatbot on the other hand uses his technique of ‘Natural Language Processing’ (NLP). He uses sentiment analysis to detect the mood of the angry customer and immediately pushes forward a discount voucher. No questions asked, no further conversation required and a happy customer.  

Event 4: Information Triathlon: 

Looks like it’s a repeat of event 1.  

CC is left rummaging through the pages of elaborate books filled with “FAQ” questions a customer may ask. But all in vain! 

Chatbot once again rises to the occasion and instantly retrieves the relevant information from the customer along with some extra links to related topics. He leaves CC in the dust! 

Event 5: Multitasking Marathon: 

CC copes well juggling various duties of recording customer data, customer responses, taking calls and tackling customer queries and grievances. It’s the years of experience that allow CC to function somewhat smoothly. However, CC still looks like he can’t wait for the day to end. 

Chatbot flawlessly handles the tasks all at once, without breaking a single drop of virtual sweat. A multitasking maestro is on the rise! 

At the finish line, you can see the chatbot all the way in the front. CC is following along. It’s not a close race and as expected chatbot comes in first! GOLD!! for chatbot. Looks like the era of GenAI ch voatbots has dawned bringing customer efficiency and satisfaction to the forefront.  

The advantageous Treble A! 

Chatbots in LegalTech are known to provide swift, accessible, bite-sized information, assisting users in navigating legal complexities. From a corporate perspective, 90% of businesses report significant improvements in the speed of complaint resolution.  

  • Accessibility: Several initiating parties engage in the dispute resolution process without legal professionals and are unaware of the nuanced facets of the law. Chatbots have made access to legalese much easier for the layman.  
  • Availability: Chatbots are also available in different types, according to the differing needs of each industry. Virtual assistants provide a human-centric and process-driven angle to LegalTech companies, especially start-ups.  
  • Amicability: Imagine that you ordered something online, but they sent you the wrong product. Instead of litigating, you find yourself in the world of chatbots. All you need to do is to briefly type in your problem, and Gen-AI works its magic to find an efficient and equitable solution for you.  

‘Chatbot-ing’ is a groundbreaking phenomenon that will take place in the LegalTech infrastructure not too far from today. From litigation to arbitration and mediation to Online Dispute Resolution, Gen-AI-based chatbots now add the icing on the cake, having a twofold impact on the dispute resolution process – streamlining and improving the justice system.  

A new-age hero is on the rise- Faster, Higher, Stronger! 

About the Author

Vilasini Pollisetty
This author works as Senior Executive (Growth) at Presolv360, an Online Dispute Resolution platform in Mumbai, India.
Write to the author for more information and queries at vilasini@presolv360.com

Ninupta Srinath
This author is a student at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. She loves everything pen and paper. Write to the author for more information and queries at ninupta.srinath@gmail.com.

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