Twenty-three years ago, Rohan stood at a crossroads, determined to reunite his father, Yash Raichand, with his long-lost brother, Rahul. He knew he had a big role to play. The role of a mediator. In the year 2001, Rohan was forced to draw up an elaborate plan with no assurance of the outcome. It took him a few months and a couple of songs to become successful. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (“K3G”), is an iconic film that holds a special place in our hearts with some of us going so far as to even memorizing the dialogues.

But did you ever wonder how the film would unfold if it was happening in 2024 and if Rohan, the middleman, was equipped with Generative AI (“GenAI”) designed to be the perfect ally?

When Rohan meets GenAI…

This is how one could imagine the conversation to look like between Rohan and his ally, let’s call it Kjo. AI.

Rohan: Hey Kjo.AI, I need your help.

Kjo.AI: Of course, I am here to help. How may I assist you?

Rohan: My father and brother have not spoken to or seen each other for over 12 years. I wish to reunite them now. What can I say to my brother to convince him to come back home?

Kjo.AI: I see, so you will have to become the perfect blend of a great brother and a great son. First of all, you must understand the root cause of the conflict from each of their perspectives. Keep in mind that you would have to adopt a different approach when you speak with each of them. You also need to remind both of them about the positive and happy memories they shared together as a family. This will help soften their hearts and remind them of the love that binds them.

Rohan: Can you advise me on what exactly to say to both of them?

Kjo.AI: Sure, it is important to arrange structured conversations between the two with a focus on resolving issues rather than blaming each other. When you talk to your brother, you can first start by acknowledging his feelings. Apologize to him on behalf of the family and let him know that everyone in the family is willing to work together on these issues and that the Raichand Pariwar will also be incomplete without their eldest son. Also, emphasize how much your mother misses him. Then, you can express to him the desire to see your family reunited. You can let him know that the situation in the family has changed. And that your father deserves to be given a chance.

Rohan: Let me stop you there. This is a great start but what if my brother brings up the past?

Kjo.AI: That is a possibility. That’s when you can highlight happy memories also from the past. Additionally, explain that when he married Anjali, it was a shock for your parents. Further, put forward the thought that even parents can make mistakes. They, too, deserve a new start. You can go on to explain to him that his presence is important, especially as your parents age. After all, “It’s all about loving your parents.”

Rohan: Okay, but my father can be quite stubborn, what can I say to him?

Kjo.AI: You can start by showing him his true emotions of how much he misses his eldest son. It will help to mention to your father how wonderfully your brother is raising a family in London, and how he, too, misses his parents to no bounds. You can also highlight all the positive changes and success your brother has been able to achieve over the years. Remind your father about the importance and strength of a united family. Emphasize the need for forgiveness and the value of having both his sons with him in the future.

Remind him, “Maafi mangne se koi chota bada nahi hota, aur joh maaf kar deta hai uska dil sabse bada hota hai.”

Rohan: I am worried when they meet, they might argue again.

Kjo.AI: Yes, there is a possibility. You can get them to meet in an environment that doesn’t remind either of them of the past but makes them think of all the good times that have gone by, and the good times that can be. Maybe, the Bluewater Mall has some less crowded cafes. You can suggest that as a meeting point.

Rohan: Thank you, this is a great start. Is there anything else to keep in mind?

Kjo.AI: Yes, Zindagi mein agar kuch banna ho, kuch haasil karna ho, kuch jeetna ho, toh hamesha dil ki suno. Aur agar dil bhi koi jawab na de toh aankhen bandh karke apni maa aur papa ka naam lo. Phir dekhna jeet tumhari hogi, sirf tumhari!

With this, Rohan takes the first step to reunite the Raichand Pariwar!

Welcome to GenAI!

GenAI, as the name suggests, is the use of AI to generate content. This content can be write-ups, dialogues, solutions, innovative ideas, etc. It can be in the form of text, images, videos, etc.

One such example is the use of GenAI to solve disputes. As we jump into this simulation of modern-day K3G, envisioning its role in family mediation, we come to realize the transformative power of GenAI in the legal field. It stands as a potential game changer, reducing time, cost and effort and enhancing the overall efficiency of the legal system.

While the development of GenAI is still in its nascent stage, it is on the path to acquiring capabilities to generate more humanized responses. This kind of innovation and advancement could potentially help millions of Rohans struggling with disputes. It also presents an opportunity of solving Sunny Paji’s problem of, “Tareekh pe Tareekh”.

The journey for GenAI is undeniably a long one and for sure it will be Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham!

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