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What is PresolvDirect E-Arbitration?

Through PresolvDirect, you can resolve your disputes quickly, effectively and economically. Fill in a simple form, tell us what your dispute is and our expert will handle it from there.

When can you opt for it?

Choose PresolvDirect for any ongoing dispute, whether pending in court or not.

What are the fees?

Fees are based on type of dispute, number of parties and the disputed amount - click here.

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PresolvDirect is a service that assists parties in resolving existing disputes (whether pending in court or likely to be submitted to court) and are not covered by an active PresolvSecure plan.

We have tabulated the benefits of resolving your dispute through PresolvDirect the drawbacks of choosing litigation as a preferred form of dispute resolution:

Presolv360 Litigation
Collaborative Adjudicatory
Confidential Public affair
Quick and certain Time-consuming and uncertain
Cost-effective Prohibitively expensive
Convenient and effective Loss of health and peace of mind
Safeguarding relations Ruining relations

Once parties agree to submit their dispute to Presolv360 through PresolvDirect, a Certified Expert will be assigned who will guide the parties and assist them in resolving their dispute by adopting an appropriate ADR mechanism. The resolution process can be conducted online of offline based on the parties convenience.

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You can choose PresolvDirect for existing disputes, which are already submitted to court or are likely to be submitted to court. Please do not choose PresolvDirect if your dispute is based on an agreement covered under an active PresolvSecure plan. To resolve a dispute through PresolvDirect, simply click here and fill this online form.